Our company was founded in 2009, but our teams have over 12 years in technical expertise and background and more than 2000 successful online projects. We developed a business culture that let us break common patterns and build customized solutions for each client, no matter where it’s business resides.

Originally named Good Afternoon, we changed our name in 2018 to reflect the current and forthcoming vision, mission and partnership structure. We are driven to develop successful real estate brands, but our diverse perspectives incorporate the ever-changing world of marketing. We are built on helping real estate investors, developers and agencies achieve their goals, and our values live in the spirit of collaboration, integrity and going beyond expectations. We believe that success comes from understanding the marketplace and understanding the target audience, and we know the first step to understanding is research. Everything we do, from campaign implementation, to strategy, to web design and media planning, is predicated by this belief.


We believe every brand should be guided by a strong, clear and distinct strategy. Only strategy can set a sustainable course for success.

We believe every brand should be experienced in a way that is consistent, powerful and compelling in every touchpoint.

We believe in the power of analytics. Numbers don’t lie. We value making decisions, measuring performance and setting goals based on data. We try. We test. We tweak. We measure.

We believe in action. There’s always more to do to get the job done for our clients, for our company and for ourselves.

We believe in the constant pursuit of knowledge. We are always learning and improving ourselves to continue to make a real, tangible difference in our client’s business.

We believe in the power of collaboration, and we look forward to working together to achieve your goals and exceed your expectations together, as a team.


Mihai Năsăudean Managing Partner
Liviu Toader Creative Partner
Cristian Radu Managing Partner
Bianca-Andreea Vasile Project Manager
Dmitri Gorobîc Web Developer
Andrei Ioniță Web Developer
Alina Diana Popa Display Advertising Specialist
Mihaela Palaloga Social Media Strategist
Bianca Băcăințan Search Advertising Specialist
Cristian Bucur Art Director
Vlad Coviltir-Podărelu Graphic Designer
Robert Ghiță Architect

Phoenix Tower, 13th Floor
6-6A Calea Vitan, 3rd District,
031296, Bucharest, Romania